Internalizing The Gospel: Mark 2:1-12

I was paralyzed and didn’t even know it. I was crippled, unable to pull myself up, much less make my own decisions. I thought I had it all together… I thought, “This is the life.” I was really just floating around in a sea of apathy and fear, completely caught-up in myself. It took a while, but my family and friends managed to pull me out and carry me to Jesus. Unable to push through the crowds, they went as far as to carry me up to the rooftop, ripped a hole in it and lowered me to His feet. He forgave me of all I had done and all I would ever do. The on-lookers were astonished at all that had transpired. Then, as if to put the icing on the cake, He set me free from my paralysis. I was able to move, to think, to feel; I was alive, re-born even.


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