Is “Extreme Grace” a license to sin?

I have seen this question all over Facebook. My answer, for what it’s worth, is a very humble “sort of.” In reality, it is much more than that – it’s a license to choose. We choose to do this or that. We choose to obey or disobey. We choose to choose God or not. It’s not about sinning – that’s already been dealt with (“Once for all,” the Bible says). Grace enables us to live in freedom, but it’s what we do with that freedom that matters. As Jesus pointed out, what is truly in our hearts will be expressed through our words and actions. If you really feel you need to have a set of rules to follow rather than just trusting God, being transformed by His Word and following the leading of His Spirit, find yourself a nice little “Bapticostle” church, sing ‘Amazing Grace’ every Sunday and NEVER fully experience it.

Grace in it’s very essence is extreme! There’s no partial grace or minimal grace with God – He’s all-in. He doesn’t give us grace to do this, but not that. He’s not going to hurl lightning bolts at you for dropping an F-bomb when you stub your toe. Sin, all sin, has been paid for (the Greek term translated, “It is finished,” in your Bible is actually an accounting term meaning “paid in full”). Or was Jesus wrong? Would He have taken the most torturous execution known to man when He clearly didn’t have to if it would only be for partial grace?

The Bible says Jesus died as me. Now, in acceptance of that, I have died (with Him) and been reborn. I live in grace… Extreme, excessive, over-the-top, amazing grace.

The true Christian life was never meant to be about rights and wrongs… it is meant to be about experiences and relationships. About becoming who we were truly meant to be, in that deep-down part of your soul and spirit that you don’t even know how to express. In each and everyone of us there is that *thing*, that something that we can’t get out of our minds and hearts (at least not for long) that is driving us to what we can do, can become, can have. It’s unique to each of us and it is a seed that was planted by God Himself. We can deny it, fight it, ignore it, or even attempt to bury it with chemical substitutions, but nothing beats the real thing.

Grace enables and empowers us to get there, to do that, to be that. Not your strength or ability. Not what or who you know. Grace and grace alone allows you to be all that God has called you to be, do all that God has called you to do, have all that God has called you to have.

God’s grace isn’t just extreme, it’s literally too good to be true, but it is true. It’s true that God loved the world so much that He sent His only Son to die for the forgiveness of all sins and enable us to walk in a new (“new and better,” the Bible says) Covenant; not a covenant of laws, rules and rituals, but one of love, peace, patience, kindness, thanksgiving and forgiveness.

Please, I beg you, don’t turn your nose up at the topic of God’s grace and how extreme it truly is.


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