My Prayer For The (Global) Church

Father, I thank you for Jesus and His sacrifice. I thank you that I live in a place (and time) where I can not only worship you privately, but I can talk about you publicly. I thank you for my Brothers and Sister in Christ and I pray that you would stir within us a desire to reconcile, to reunite. Until we do we will never fully fulfill all you called us to. Ignite within each and every one of us a desire to spread the Good News and expand the Kingdom. I know fear is not from you, so I ask that fear and its stranglehold be removed from your Children. Put within each of us a new sense of wonder and purpose. Help us, Holy Spirit, to truly become disciples and not just followers or fans of Jesus. Help us to receive the love you have for us and accept all that we have access to in this New Covenant: healing, prosperity, freedom, salvation. You and You alone know all things, even the hearts of men, so I ask You now to make known to us all that is not as it should be. Please, Lord, bring true repentance to the minds of Your children.

We need not ask You to solve all the problems of the world because You put Your Nation of Holy Priests in charge until Your Precious Son returns to establish His Throne on Earth. We are Your Church, your Body, your presence in this place. Bring remembrance to our minds that we are ambassadors of your Kingdom and everywhere we step is Holy Ground because we bring you wherever we go and everyone we touch or speak to is blessed because we speak your Word to them. Grant us, Father, the knowledge of all that is in us so that we can release it and bring real change to our homes, workplaces, cities, states, countries. Help us to get past our past (maybe even our present) so that we can focus on the future. Please remove doubt (not curiosity) from our minds; Your Word is truth and life – we have what it says we have, we can do what it says we can do, we are who it says we are. Let miraculous signs and wonders happen through your faithful sons and daughters at the mention of the name of Jesus. Your Will and your Word have not changed, so let Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done on Earth as it already is in Heaven. I Jesus’ name.


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