In The Name Of The King

I have often wondered, throughout my Christian walk, what was so special about praying in the name of Jesus. I mean, I get who He was and who He is, but to always pray in His name… I dunno. I just didn’t get it. I’ve even run across many in the blogosphere that refer to using Christ’s name as a magic formula, some go as far as calling it witchcraft.

It’s funny how (not to mention when and where or even through whom) God chooses to reveal things to us. I was watching Disney’s Cinderella with my baby girl – not even half into it since I’ve seen it about a million times (she loves her princess movies) – when all of a sudden I heard something and my heart immediately got thumped! During this scene, a representative of the king is doing what the king ordered him to do: go to every house in the area, try the glass slipper that was left behind on every young maid and if the slipper fits you must acquit she must marry the prince.

So, as he makes his way to Cinderella’s home, he walks up to the door and starts banging on it while shouting, “Open up, in the name of the king!” Lightning struck. Fireworks went off. My eyes were opened to this truth. Jesus is our King – the King of kings! When we pray in Jesus’ name, we are asking in the name of the King. When we command a mountain (sickness, disease, etc) to move in Jesus’ name, we acting as representatives of the King and are doing just what the representative in the movie was doing.

It wasn’t witchcraft that caused the door to open, it was a house full of women who knew better than to disrespect a order from the king! To say “Do this, in the name of the king!” is to say “The king says to do it and to disobey me is to disobey him.” We (Americans) lose this translation through the eyes of democratic republic, but God’s Kingdom is a theocratic monarchy. The King’s Word is Law – even He is bound to it.

When you know who He is, what He said, what He did and who you are in Him (His ambassador/representative) you will start to say what He said and do what He did – you will become who He is.


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