Proud Papa Of An Au-some Boy

My son has a mild form of autism. He has it, it doesn’t have him. He is doing more now than anyone initially thought possible when we were given his diagnosis. True, he is in some special classes (and therapies) in the first grade, but he is also in a “typical” classroom most of the day full of other first graders. He is being graded as a typical first grader. Honestly, he is still behind, but with every parent-teacher conference, he gets stronger and closer to the goals his educators set for him; so much so that his teachers are always blown away (often grasping concepts other kids his age don’t get).

It was prophesied over Dylan that he is an overcomer and he will preach the Gospel. He’s not so sure about that right now – he’d rather be Batman (who wouldn’t, right?). He is very charismatic and personable. He has friends at school and down the street (which he made on his own) – he has even picked out which of the little girls he is going to marry.

We pray for Dylan. We have faith in him and in God. There is nothing he can’t do. He already has a better answer for the question “Where is Jesus?” than I did at his age – mine was “In Heaven,” his is “In my heart.”

Doesn’t sound like a kid that has autism does it? His mom calls him her “Au-some” boy, and that’s what he is – au-some, not autistic.


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