I believe in miracles – real, supernatural, divinely-inspired miracles, and I believe they still happen every day. However, I also believe we often (especially in charismatic/pentecostal traditions) put too much emphasis on getting or seeing a miracle.

In Acts 9 the Church gets an answer to a prayer in the form of a miracle: Saul gets knocked down a peg by Jesus (something we all need from time to time) and is physically blinded. He is told to go into Damascus and wait. While he is there he is praying and fasting, seeking a miracle. His miracle came in the form of a man – Ananias. God spoke to Ananias and told him to go lay hands on Saul that he might regain his sight. After having his concerns addressed by God about Saul, he went and did as he was told. Saul regained his sight and was baptized.

Did God need Ananias to lay hands on Saul to give him back the sight He took from him? No. But God used him. Did God need Ananias to tell Saul about the Gospel of Christ? No. Jesus could have appeared to him again and done that Himself. God used a man that was available because he was open to God, seeking the heart and face of God, and willing to be used by God for something as crazy as healing the persecutor of the church!

Right now you may be in need of an answer, of a miracle, but there is someone else down the street who needs one too. Why not open your heart to God, seek His heart and His face, be willing to go where no man has gone before (ok, I stole that one) and be the miracle someone else needs. You don’t have to be a preacher to show compassion. You don’t even need divine inspiration to be there for someone and fill a need that only you can.

Each and everyone of us are a miracle, the odds alone are staggering against our very existence. You, Christian, have God’s Holy Spirit in you – what can stop you? Fear? That’s not from Heaven (nor is addressing it it for this post). Get off your duff, get out of your comfort zone and do something!

I have heard about the “GO” of the GOspel (see how they do that?). It’s usually an evangelical term to get people to walk around and tell complete strangers that they are going to Hell – that’s not what it means to me. It means GO be the Gospel. GO be an answer to prayer. GO be the miracle someone else is praying for!

I’ll leave you with this quote from St. Francis of Assisi:

“Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”


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