Altar of Ministry

I have heard and read ministers saying that you must be willing to give up everything, even your wife and kids, for the sake of serving God. I couldn’t disagree more. The bible tells us to be willing to sever connections with friends and family members, if necessary, to have a relationship with Him, but I will not (not now, not ever) sacrifice my family on the Altar of Ministry.

I have read enough about the Father’s love and having a father’s heart for those you serve (minister to) to know that that is not how it works. A congregant is to a minister what a child is to a father. If you will turn your back on your family for a congregation, you will turn your back on your congregation for a different one (probably a bigger, better paying one).

God’s Church is a family. The love you have is truly shown in your home – if it is real and authentic there, it will be real and authentic in public.

My wife is my biggest supporter. I couldn’t do any of this without her. We are in this together or not at all!


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