You Can’t Hate Someone Into The Kingdom!

I just read an article (honestly, I couldn’t finish it) that was about why homosexuality is the worst sin (right now). I don’t get it. Is it listed in scripture as a sin? Of course it is! So is lying, cheating, lusting and being greedy. Surely, no one reading this can honestly say they have never done at least one of the ones I just mentioned.

The article said that homosexuality is the worst sin right now because it is being celebrated in our culture as no other sin ever has been or ever will be. I hate to tell the author, but he really needs to look back about a decade or so in American history at prohibition (before, during and after) before making statements like this. Honestly, all forms of “sexual immorality” are being “celebrated.” Look at the porn industry or websites and apps that help people “hook up.” (More history: one of the main reasons Paul mentioned homosexuality so frequently is because it was a big part of Pagan worship at the time.)

Jesus once said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Notice there was no qualifier there… He didn’t ask if they were gay or not first. He said we are to love our neighbors and tell them about the Kingdom – NOT THEIR SINS! He purposely went to parties with drunks, tax collectors and prostitutes, and when He got there He just had conversations, told them about the Kingdom and love of God. Who did He rebuke? The self-righteous, finger-pointing, religious elite.

The letters Paul wrote (which were referenced by this article) were to believers, not to unbelievers. They need to be kept in the same context now that they were meant to be in when they were written!

Jesus also said that you must be born again to see (perceive) the Kingdom. We have to repent (change our minds) about who He is and then let our minds be renewed by His Word – (if it’s real,) doing this will reshape every aspect of our lives. It’s really simple: It’s not your job, preacher, to try to get people to stop sinning – especially before they are saved!

You can’t hate someone into the Kingdom! And, no, saying that it is unloving to not point out their sin (the speck in their eye) does not count. If you really feel you must do this, save it for your congregation, not the unsaved masses. No wonder people are running from the church instead of to it.


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