Someone Needs To Hear This Today

Paul defines the Kingdom of Heaven as “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Romans 14:17

Whenever you see “Kingdom of Heaven” in scripture, replace it with the above definition… not the word Heaven.

For far too long we have been told if you do *this* you cannot go to Heaven, but that is not what the scriptures actually teach! If you do *thatyou will not have the righteousness, peace and joy that only come from being free from *it*. So, quit beating yourself up over what you did and let go of it… It’s a lot harder to stop doing something if that is all you are thinking about!

Once you accept Christ, you have the Holy Spirit and you are *in the Kingdom, but you are not partaking of its fullness while you are in bondage to *that*. *It* is robbing you of your full Kingdom experience! Make sense?



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