The Gospel, Page One

The Gospel (the ‘Good News’) does not start in your Bible with Matthew 1:1; It starts at Genesis 1:1. I will not go into my extensive views of creation right now, but I will say that I believe that more time transpired between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 than what I was taught in Sunday School. In Genesis 1:1, I see God’s creative power. In Genesis 1:2 I see God’s redemptive work and Him laying a foundation for a physical extension of His Kingdom. (I hope that is vague enough that I didn’t lose anyone due to theological differences.) Starting in Genesis 1:2 I see light overtaking darkness, I see order overtaking chaos, I see the choice being given between a life of peace and one of judgement (knowledge of good and evil). I see a Father making a place for His Son to lay His head, walk with His feet, and establish His Government.


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