Biblical Exegesis

Many (most, actually) of the accounts (aka stories) in the bible (especially the Old Testament) can be (and often are) used to show the wrath of God and then leave congregants scratching their heads when they are told that God is love. When one learns to objectively look at the overall


of the bible (exegesis), especially if you take the time to put things in perspective of the who, what, when, where, and why of things like God telling Abraham to kill his son and Abraham attempting to do it – which was common among the religion of Abraham’s family. Other things like the flood to preserve faith in a world that was falling apart, stricter than strict rules for people being freed from slavery, God kicking his first kids out of the Garden for eating the wrong fruit… The list goes on and on. BUT the most important part – the why – is typically not given or is given with a twist as a means to an end, unfortunately that end is far too often to scare people into “behaving” rather than empowering them in God’s grace.


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