My New Perspective Of Prayer

In a recent chat with the man I consider to be my “spiritual father,” I had a revelation of what prayer should be. I always found it difficult to relate to God as Father. It seems easy enough, but my dad wasn’t perfect (just as I am not a perfect dad), nether was his father before him. The bulk of the time I spend alone with my dad now is watching Sunday afternoon football (when I was growing up, it was WWF). We’ve just never had deep conversations about life, death, spiritual matters, or things like that. (Please, don’t take this as bashing my dad – I love him for who he is… This post is not about any of that.) So as I’m having this chat with my pastor, it hits me that this is how I need to communicate with God – not like I would with my dad. Now, with this new perspective, I have more fun talking to God and I feel like something real happened in me afterward. I am free to be silly, to be honest, to be real. I am free to ask questions, sit in silence, even express concerns or imaginative thoughts. I may get off topic, get choked up, or possibly fall asleep, but it’s all good now.


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