How We See Jesus

I was listening to a preacher speak about healing and anger, which I have to admit was an interesting ride, but something I needed to hear nonetheless. In his sermon, he mentioned how Jesus (much like himself) had a “healing ministry.” Something resonated with me in that statement, but I wasn’t sure what it was at first. I listened to it a few times and it finally clicked: Yes, Jesus was a healer; No, he didn’t have a healing ministry.

Paul said it best, that Jesus’ ministry was reconciliation – specifically that God, through Christ, reconciled us to Himself. Jesus healed. Jesus preached. Jesus raised the dead. Jesus rebuked religious leaders. Jesus set captives free. One could go on all day describing the works He did. However, His “ministry” was one of showing us the true heart of God.

I’m not in any way trying to get all up in this minister’s business or start a holy war over a statement that was made, but my point here is that we tend to see in Jesus what look for, especially if we feel led to a specific type of Christian ministry. For instance, this guy had a healing ministry – he healed the sick, taught how healing was biblical, showed others how to access this gift, etc – he therefore primarily saw Jesus’ ministry as a healing ministry.

I, on the other hand, feel led to primarily work with people that have been in religious bondage, teach them the simplicity of the Gospel, work with them on understanding their identity in Christ, and help them find the purpose and destiny they were created for so they can be effective in serving their church, community and family. I see that A LOT in Jesus when I read the Gospels and I see it in the Apostles in the book of Acts.

Pastors see Jesus as the Ultimate Pastor (Shepherd); Teachers see the Greatest Teacher the world has ever known; Evangelists see His followers increase every time He speaks; Prophets see His prophetic clarity; Apostles see the Chief Apostle – this is how our minds work, it’s not a character flaw unless we argue with other who see things differently than we do. In fact, every form of “Christian ministry” (ministry is really just a fancy word for service) should be able to be seen in Christ – we are to reveal the heart of God through our words and actions.

The thing I would like to end with is something else the healing minister said in his message. He said that we know what we are called to do by what angers us, what “winds us up”, as he said. I couldn’t agree more with this. God speaks to me a lot through books, movies, and music (usually more in ‘secular’ media than ‘christian’ genres). I knew without a shadow of a doubt what my mission was when I watch the movie ‘The Perfect Family’. I was livid about what religion had done to that family and preaching to my wife by the end of it.


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