Jesus v Love?

I was recently challenged by a reader about Jesus not speaking much about love in the Gospels. I thought that was preposterous (and I still do). But Jesus not only spoke of love, He was love in motion. He didn’t take a day off; He was loving 24/7. Even in His rebukes to the Pharisees, He was being loving (telling them to knock it off and quit condemning less mature believers).

I really think this is a case of finding in Jesus what we are seeking (which is usually justification about who we are and what we believe). Jesus spoke of love and forgiveness. He had the ministry of reconciliation – showing us that the Father wasn’t who we’d come to believe he is.

By the way, that mission has not changed. Not ever. And, in this day and age, I believe it is something worth re-addressing in how we teach, preach, and evangelize the Gospel – the Good News of Christ and of His Kingdom.

God is not Zeus, angry on a throne, looking for who He can smite with bolts of lightning.

God; Yahweh; Abba (Papa); Father; the Creator of the universe is love. Jesus was the express image of the Father. Jesus was love personified. Paul described love in 1 Cor 13, in which you can replace the word “love” with “God” through the entire chapter and it remains true.

Paul saw this in Jesus. He was not a false teacher or in any way unschooled in Scripture. (Honestly, I can’t believe this is an issue for some people.) He understood the Commandment of the New Covenant that Jesus gave us – “Love one another.” Paul wrote (what we refer to as) chapter 13 in between 12 and 14 – chapters on unity, gifts, and order within the Body – because it is that important, important enough to take a pause and make sure we’re focused outwardly in our pursuits of these, lest we turn religious and focus on ourselves.

I will rest my expoundation (expounity? expoundification?) with this final thought – there is no Good News without the revelation of God’s Love for humanity.