Step By Step; A Continual Journey

One of my favorite things about the book of Acts is seeing the progression of the Apostles: their faith, as well as their knowledge. For instance, Peter preaches early on in Acts that Jesus was sent first to the Israelites, but was sent for all people. Later we see him amazed when Gentiles get healed, get saved, and get filled with the Holy Spirit. It was less shocking to Paul, but the original Apostles and the Elders were flat-out stunned.

It gives me a lot of comfort knowing that those who spent the most time with Jesus got it wrong too (and often, especially when He was with them). They didn’t just know it all because they were with Jesus or because He breathed on them before ascending to Heaven. They didn’t get a massive download of divine revelation when the Holy Spirit blew the doors off the “Upper Room” (or “an upstairs room” as my pastor likes to say) while they were in it. No, they had a process of learning to live out the life that Jesus demonstrated to them. They had to figure out the ins and outs of the power that dwelt within them. Even after seeing and hearing Jesus every day for three years!

These guys, save Paul, were not Super Jews in the beginning of their journey with Jesus and they for sure were not Super Christians in the beginning of their journey with Holy Spirit.

They had a process of growth that they had to go through, the same as we do.

I’ll admit, I hate to hear people teaching others their messed up theology. But I also have to have some grace for them because it’s what they were taught. I just have to learn to pray for them and have hope that God will give them a radical revelation of His Love and correct their underestimations of who He is and what He is really all about.

That being said, I do still have a passion for preaching the Gospel and teaching the Kingdom. I will proclaim until my dying day a victorious theology of peace and love. I will continue to set free the captives of legalistic religion and theologies based on fear and defeat – I don’t know what else to do with what God has put in me other that to let it out, to give it to those who need it most!

Do I know everything about the Bible or God? No. Will I ever? Not while I’m still here. And I’m okay with that. I’m good with who I am and where I am on my journey with God. (Please don’t mistake that for a second with complacency.) I, like the original disciples, will continue to grow in my knowledge of God, my living like Jesus, and my constant communion with the Holy Spirit for the glory of the Father and to manifest His Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy through love using the power that lives in me.


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