Reconstruction Project

My wife and I love watching home makeover shows. Especially the ones where a designer will completely restructure and redesign a house for a family so that it meets their needs. Usually, the family in question can’t afford the house they really want, so a team of professionals help them find something that can become what they want and then completely overhaul it (gutting it, in some cases), so that it is what they originally wanted, but fits within their budget.

As you’ve noticed (if this isn’t your first time here), I tend to see spiritual parallels pretty much everywhere – these shows are no exception.

See, I kinda think of it as God saying, “I wish I could have seven billion Jesus-like people on that blue/green rock over there.” So, instead of creating Jesus seven billion times, He uses humans (people, yous guys). The people that want to make their hearts and lives more functional (more like Jesus), allow God’s radical reconstruction team to come in and start knocking down walls. This allegory wouldn’t be complete without the owners’ time and budget coming into question – not to mention that they approve all the plans before implementation.

Joe Schmoe decides he is ready for a Holy Spirit, internal makeover – he wants to look like Jesus on the inside and clear out some stuff that’s keeping that from happening. If Joe really, really can’t part with the pink toilet that doesn’t match the Designer’s design, the Designer is at his mercy. Joe can keep that pink toilet as long as he wants, but the Designer knows that Joe will grow to hate it when he sees how bad it makes the entire bathroom look and feel – the Designer will even point out how it needs to go because it doesn’t match the design, but He’s not about to come in and rip it out in the middle of the night.

Our makeover design was ready at conception. The Designer waits anxiously for us to realize that the current layout isn’t working, and that drastic change needs to take place.

I really love how none of the homes look like any other home after their update – even less like other homes than before. God loves that we are all different and He celebrates it as much as we do. He has no intention of making us all identical (inside or out), He’s not seeking to have seven billion Jesus clones. What does that look like in the real world? We each have our own style, intellect, sense of humor, etc. The reason we are not all the same is that we all have different purposes in life, we all have different ways to be used and different people to reach.

It’s often easy to see analogies in the little things of everyday life – that’s not the point of this post. I wrote this post to show how every reconstruction project has a different amount of work to be done, and everything that gets done doesn’t take the same amount of time. I want each and every one of you (especially Christians) to realize that just because you don’t see change happening on the outside, that doesn’t mean real, intense work is not happening beneath the surface.


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