Drummers are supposed to understand timing – it’s kinda what we do. But sometimes, timing doesn’t go the way we want. A song may change tempo or there may be a huge timing change between songs in a set. It can be a pain, but so is playing the same time signature and tempo for an entire set… Even if it’s only three songs.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who gets frustrated by a clock that does not keep proper time, but I hate when that happens. (Especially when it is only perceived.) Fast clocks, slow clocks, even broken clocks (which, so I’m told, are right twice a day) – these irritate me.

Equally frustrating for me are the posts on Facebook that are trying to convince me that the only thing holding me back is my fear of moving forward: “Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today!”, “Don’t wait, start now!”, “Don’t let waiting be a regret, go for it!”, and my least favorite of all, “Quit the job you hate and do what you love now!” Although, in some circumstances, these maxims may be good advice, they don’t always apply to all people in all situations.

I have it in my heart to start a ministry of sorts. There is no way in the world that it would be advisable for me to quit my job right now and attempt to do this full time. It’s not even time for me to do this in my (alleged) spare time. (Although, I do believe the time for that is sooner rather than later.) How do I know? I have spiritual mentors and I’m on a first-name basis with God… I’m not getting a green light from anyone right now.

I get the good intention of wanting people to live their lives without regret and not work at a job they hate, but sometimes that job is needed to keep food on the table and the lights on while someone is preparing for their life’s work to begin.

I’m not ready, but I’m closer than I was when I began the journey. The timing will fall into place and everything will work out better if I submit to the process instead of trying to assert my will.


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