Why I’m A Single-Commandment, New Covenant Christian

Jesus (a first-century Jew under the Old Covenant Law), was once asked by a Jewish Law expert, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus proceeded to tell him, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and … Continue reading Why I’m A Single-Commandment, New Covenant Christian


Servant of All

True love, God's love (agape), is demonstrated through self-sacrificial service... Yet, congregants will leave a church just to go to another where they don't have to do anything, where no one is asking them to pitch in or lend a hand.

Matthew on my Mind

The book of Matthew is on my mind this morning, mostly because I started working through the Sermon on the Mount with my theology/bible study group this week. When I pointed out that in the book of Matthew, the term "Kingdom of Heaven" is used instead of "Kingdom of God" as it is in the … Continue reading Matthew on my Mind

Religious Rituals

I have been seeing "religious rituals" in a different light recently. I follow quite a few people on Twitter who are of a different denomination than I am. I have come to find out that Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox have just as many rituals as Catholics do - and I have come to realize that … Continue reading Religious Rituals

Religious Freedom

It's pretty sad that "Religious Freedom" has become an idol in this country. (I would call it ironic, but you're free to worship what you want.) That being said, I don't think the majority of Christian Americans really want religious freedom - they really only care that their personal brand of Christianity is free. "I … Continue reading Religious Freedom


It seems I have found my muse... A mega-church pastor I often hear in radio spots (and whom I now follow on Twitter) is giving me inspiration. He is extremely evangelical and really religious (despite his claims of not being religious). (The term religious used here meaning doing things to earn favor with God.) Such … Continue reading Tweet-spiration

Roller Rink Revelation

Earlier today, we took our kids to their first roller skating birthday party. Neither of them had ever been on skates before we got there. One thing I thought was pretty interesting (since the last time I had been there, a mere 24 years ago) was the "Skate Buddies," which were essentially a walker (but … Continue reading Roller Rink Revelation

Incognito God

I remember being young (probably in my tween years) the first time I heard the term "incognito." I learned that it meant undercover and I had all kinds of thoughts of being a James Bond-ish spy and how cool that would be. I've read tons of books about Jesus/God with catchy titles and idea like "Jesus, CEO" … Continue reading Incognito God

My Opinion

Recently I was asked about a quote I had posted on Facebook from the Marvel/Netflix series Iron Fist: "If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinions." (Which is likely an old Zen proverb - you can research it.) The question was from a bible/christian point of view. Uh-oh. I spew a lot … Continue reading My Opinion

Walking Tall (With Moobs)

I’ve been working out. Not excessively, mind you. (Honestly it’s barely consistent.) Nothing much, just some stretching, a run on the elliptical, and lifting some light dumbbells. I’m trying to slim down, as well as prepare for an upcoming 5K. Along with this, I’ve been working on reducing my caloric intake. I haven’t always been … Continue reading Walking Tall (With Moobs)