Incognito God

I remember being young (probably in my tween years) the first time I heard the term "incognito." I learned that it meant undercover and I had all kinds of thoughts of being a James Bond-ish spy and how cool that would be. I've read tons of books about Jesus/God with catchy titles and idea like "Jesus, CEO" … Continue reading Incognito God


My Opinion

Recently I was asked about a quote I had posted on Facebook from the Marvel/Netflix series Iron Fist: "If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinions." (Which is likely an old Zen proverb - you can research it.) The question was from a bible/christian point of view. Uh-oh. I spew a lot … Continue reading My Opinion

Walking Tall (With Moobs)

I’ve been working out. Not excessively, mind you. (Honestly it’s barely consistent.) Nothing much, just some stretching, a run on the elliptical, and lifting some light dumbbells. I’m trying to slim down, as well as prepare for an upcoming 5K. Along with this, I’ve been working on reducing my caloric intake. I haven’t always been … Continue reading Walking Tall (With Moobs)

Not My God!

The more time I spend on social media (for me, especially on Twitter), the more I see that there is indeed not (only) one Christian God. There's not even just one Jesus! Go ahead and get the anger out of your system... I'll wait. Now that we've all calmed down, let me explain: I truly, … Continue reading Not My God!

Are You “The Church”?

I know a guy that doesn't attend "church." He says his time alone in nature is his sanctuary, where he gets his prayer and worship time. I understand what he means, but you cannot become what you are destined to be without becoming a member of the body of Christ, which requires being in relationship … Continue reading Are You “The Church”?

A Few Thoughts On Discipleship

Can one be a disciple if one does not have a discipler? Yes, Jesus is the ultimate Master of all His followers, but there is a history (OT) of disciples being discipled (disciplined) by a discipler (master or disciplinarian) which carried over into the teachings of the first Apostles. Jesus had a lot to say … Continue reading A Few Thoughts On Discipleship

Christian Life Goals #1

I was reading John 14 today, as I've done countless times before. However, after having just reading a bunch of vile "Christian" declarations on the Internet, I had tears in my eyes. See, I don't read the Bible to reinforce what I've been told it says. I don't read it to find loopholes in what … Continue reading Christian Life Goals #1

The Real Problem

How I see it sin is not the problem. Through Jesus, in His Sacrifice, sin has been dealt with. The punishment for sin has been delivered. Sin is dead, buried, and it will not be resurrected! The real problem is how we treat each other. Jesus said of the righteous, "When I was naked you … Continue reading The Real Problem

My Theism

Faith. Belief. Mystery. Theory. Fact. Fiction. Feeling. Allegory. Metaphor. Truth... Our brains are amazing, but they have a lot to process. One minute we can love, hate, or be completely apathetic about something, the next it can all change. C.S. Lewis once said, "Faith... is the art of holding on to things your reason has … Continue reading My Theism

Stolen Innocence

I couldn't get to sleep last night and I can't motivate myself to workout this morning after receiving some horrifying news last night: a little girl whom I am related to and love dearly was molested. I was mad when I heard about it. Sadly, I don't think I was even shocked by the news. … Continue reading Stolen Innocence