Christian Life Goals #1

I was reading John 14 today, as I've done countless times before. However, after having just reading a bunch of vile "Christian" declarations on the Internet, I had tears in my eyes. See, I don't read the Bible to reinforce what I've been told it says. I don't read it to find loopholes in what … Continue reading Christian Life Goals #1


The Real Problem

How I see it sin is not the problem. Through Jesus, in His Sacrifice, sin has been dealt with. The punishment for sin has been delivered. Sin is dead, buried, and it will not be resurrected! The real problem is how we treat each other. Jesus said of the righteous, "When I was naked you … Continue reading The Real Problem

My Theism

Faith. Belief. Mystery. Theory. Fact. Fiction. Feeling. Allegory. Metaphor. Truth... Our brains are amazing, but they have a lot to process. One minute we can love, hate, or be completely apathetic about something, the next it can all change. C.S. Lewis once said, "Faith... is the art of holding on to things your reason has … Continue reading My Theism

Stolen Innocence

I couldn't get to sleep last night and I can't motivate myself to workout this morning after receiving some horrifying news last night: a little girl whom I am related to and love dearly was molested. I was mad when I heard about it. Sadly, I don't think I was even shocked by the news. … Continue reading Stolen Innocence

Watch Your Language!

Like many of my blog posts, this one originated with an encounter on Facebook. A friend of mine (a real friend, not just a Facebook friend) dropped an "F-bomb" in the comments of something I re-shared. It was meant to be funny... It was funny. Another Facebook friend jumped all over it - the first … Continue reading Watch Your Language!

The Bible Is Great!

It's hard for some people to hear that, it's even harder for them to say. I daresay that many of the people that read my blog would tend to agree that the Bible is in fact great. Unfortunately, the Bible is one of the most misunderstood books ever written (which is odd considering it is … Continue reading The Bible Is Great!

Christian Idols

A while back I read an article titled something like The Top Three Idols In The Christian Church (but I can't find it to link to it or quote it). Anyway, the idols discussed in the article were theological differences. Wait. What? Your beliefs are different than mine, therefore they are an idol to you. … Continue reading Christian Idols


Drummers are supposed to understand timing - it's kinda what we do. But sometimes, timing doesn't go the way we want. A song may change tempo or there may be a huge timing change between songs in a set. It can be a pain, but so is playing the same time signature and tempo for … Continue reading Timing

Which God?

"Which God? There is but one true God!" How can a statement be both completely¬†true and totally wrong at the same time? What do you do when philosophy and religion collide with rational thought? "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." ~Oscar Wilde I read a Facebook post months (or more) ago by a … Continue reading Which God?


We love shortcuts. We love anything that makes other things go faster. We love microwaves and fast food. We love instant pudding, rather pre-made pudding cups. There's nothing we don't like if we can get it or do it faster. That's life in America (or any "first-world" nation, I'd wager). It's often later that we … Continue reading Shortcuts