The Blurred Line Between Fantasy and the Supernatural

Reconciling the genres of sci-fi and fantasy with Kingdom principles and a supernatural lifestyle.

The Absurdity Of Exclusivity

Christianity is not an exclusive club. Jesus didn't put limits on who was welcome to come and hear His teachings or who could partake of His grace. Exclusive: excluding or not admitting other people or things Yet, there are ministers and entire churches that are fixated on not letting "those people" in or not letting … Continue reading The Absurdity Of Exclusivity

Buttons… We Have ’em, They Push ’em

"They're really pushing my buttons!" Ever say something like that? I know I have. What does it mean? Well, from a programming perspective, it means that a trigger occurred and a predefined script, function, or subroutine was invoked. Umm... Okay... It, in the programming world, means that there is faulty programming, but we tend to … Continue reading Buttons… We Have ’em, They Push ’em

Consequences… Are They Missing?

I was talking with a co-worker recently, and he made it quite clear to me that "consequences" are what was missing from the sermons these days.¬†He grew up going to a traditional (Methodist, I believe) church and, apparently, every sermon was full of "Don't do [sin of the week] or you're going to Hell!" That … Continue reading Consequences… Are They Missing?

He’s In Me, I’m In Him

It's not just a thing to say and move on with without thinking about it... I've found I do have to move on from it after a while, because I truly am incapable of fully wrapping my finite mind around such a thing. I, in my day-to-day struggles, in my unholy thoughts, in my aches … Continue reading He’s In Me, I’m In Him

Loving Everyone, All The Time (Even Bad Drivers)

Time for some more honesty: I sometimes find it hard to love everyone, all the time. Bad drivers, slow walkers, incompetent shoppers, etc. Seriously, it's the things that seem like they should be the simplest, things that just require common sense. Even with my kids - my daughter refusing to eat at meal times, my … Continue reading Loving Everyone, All The Time (Even Bad Drivers)

Lost In Translation

There are a lot of things in the Bible that just don't translate well to our understanding. For example, I was always told that I must never take the Lord's name in vain. When I asked what that meant, I was told to never say "God" unless I was speaking to or about Him (just … Continue reading Lost In Translation

The Realness Of You

I love real people. I love the rawness and rough edges of someone comfortable with being who they are and who can say, "[bleep] anyone who doesn't like or get me." I've always been a bit self-conscience, a bit¬†insecure, and a lot introverted. I used to find people who were the opposite of me to … Continue reading The Realness Of You

Losing My Religion

I attended church from a very early age (maybe four, for sure by five), every Sunday, twice a day: Sunday School, pews, hymnals, baptisms, sermons, Bible stories, Commandments... And that was just my time at the Baptist Church. The Pentecostal Church we later attended, although opening my eyes to more spiritual things, laid an even … Continue reading Losing My Religion

An Artist With Dirty Hands

One of my favorite accounts in the Bible is when God made Adam. I see the Father in the dirt, intimately forming His image bearer. There's lots of imagery like this in the Bible... God as a Gardner, for instance. And then, of course, when God became a man and walked among us - it … Continue reading An Artist With Dirty Hands