My Opinion

Recently I was asked about a quote I had posted on Facebook from the Marvel/Netflix series Iron Fist: "If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinions." (Which is likely an old Zen proverb - you can research it.) The question was from a bible/christian point of view. Uh-oh. I spew a lot … Continue reading My Opinion


Not My God!

The more time I spend on social media (for me, especially on Twitter), the more I see that there is indeed not (only) one Christian God. There's not even just one Jesus! Go ahead and get the anger out of your system... I'll wait. Now that we've all calmed down, let me explain: I truly, … Continue reading Not My God!

“Good” Legalism?

Legalism (or being legalistic) is a term used to describe (in Christian circles) the number of (and/or method of how) hoops are jumped through to keep one's salvation. For example, when one is saved, they are eventually (usually pretty quickly) given the list of things they are no longer allowed to do: no smoking, no drinking, no … Continue reading “Good” Legalism?

Questions Are Good!

Classically, Christianity has had a reputation as not requiring a lot of thinking, just believe and do as you're told. Any questions you had were written off as doubt and unbelief - therefore sinful.

Close-Minded Christians

Christians are often thought of as being too close-minded in their theology: “Surely Jesus was a good person and moral teacher, but the only way to God? I’m sure He’s one way, maybe your way, but not the only way!” Even throughout Islam, Jesus is regarded as a Prophet, but surely not the Son of … Continue reading Close-Minded Christians