Christian Idols

A while back I read an article titled something like The Top Three Idols In The Christian Church (but I can't find it to link to it or quote it). Anyway, the idols discussed in the article were theological differences. Wait. What? Your beliefs are different than mine, therefore they are an idol to you. … Continue reading Christian Idols


“Good” Legalism?

Legalism (or being legalistic) is a term used to describe (in Christian circles) the number of (and/or method of how) hoops are jumped through to keep one's salvation. For example, when one is saved, they are eventually (usually pretty quickly) given the list of things they are no longer allowed to do: no smoking, no drinking, no … Continue reading “Good” Legalism?

Losing My Religion

I attended church from a very early age (maybe four, for sure by five), every Sunday, twice a day: Sunday School, pews, hymnals, baptisms, sermons, Bible stories, Commandments... And that was just my time at the Baptist Church. The Pentecostal Church we later attended, although opening my eyes to more spiritual things, laid an even … Continue reading Losing My Religion

Is The Church Open For Business?

This morning a coworker asked what it would take for me to become a full-time minister. (I'm not sure, but I think he wants to get rid of me.) After discussing it for a while, we turned toward discussing if the church is a business or not. I took the position that, although a church is … Continue reading Is The Church Open For Business?

A Light In The Darkness

For far too long Christians seemed to be preoccupied with being good people, not sinning, and going to church. You know, just being nice little do-gooders. We don't do bad things, say bad words, or go to bad places. Contrary to Jesus' teachings, we attempt to be the brightest light in the light places, when … Continue reading A Light In The Darkness

Church “Joiners”

“Church” seems to be the only organization that people become members of without becoming fully invested. In any other club, fraternity, or non-profit organization a person becomes affiliated with, they give to financially and help out whenever possible.

What If The Church…

What if the church was not a building but a group of people, a family really, who gathered together to work through their issues, learn from each other’s experiences, sing a song or two, pray together, and encourage each other?What if these church members really were ministers (servants) and they took that mentality with them … Continue reading What If The Church…

We go to church to be equipped to BE the church everywhere else we go.

The church does not exist for us. We are the church, and we exist for the world. Erwin McManus

My Prayer For The (Global) Church

Father, I thank you for Jesus and His sacrifice. I thank you that I live in a place (and time) where I can not only worship you privately, but I can talk about you publicly. I thank you for my Brothers and Sister in Christ and I pray that you would stir within us a … Continue reading My Prayer For The (Global) Church