The Real Problem

How I see it sin is not the problem. Through Jesus, in His Sacrifice, sin has been dealt with. The punishment for sin has been delivered. Sin is dead, buried, and it will not be resurrected! The real problem is how we treat each other. Jesus said of the righteous, "When I was naked you … Continue reading The Real Problem


Repenting of Tolerance

We (Americans, at least) tend to go through phases - not only what's in or out, but what is acceptable and unacceptable. In our recent history, one of these things has been tolerance. Tolerance: the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree … Continue reading Repenting of Tolerance

Compassionate Shepherd

When I read Matthew 9:35-38 in the proper context, I broke into tears.


I believe in miracles - real, supernatural, divinely-inspired miracles, and I believe they still happen every day. However, I also believe we often (especially in charismatic/pentecostal traditions) put too much emphasis on getting or seeing a miracle. In Acts 9 the Church gets an answer to a prayer in the form of a miracle: Saul … Continue reading Miracles