“Good” Legalism?

Legalism (or being legalistic) is a term used to describe (in Christian circles) the number of (and/or method of how) hoops are jumped through to keep one's salvation. For example, when one is saved, they are eventually (usually pretty quickly) given the list of things they are no longer allowed to do: no smoking, no drinking, no … Continue reading “Good” Legalism?


Lent 2017: Facebook Fast

Self-denial. That's why I... celebrate isn't the right word... participate(?) in Lent. I'm not Catholic, or any other Christian denomination that forces (again, probably not the right word) it's followers to fast. (Which probably explains my vocabulary issues.)  I mean, I usually go out of my way to avoid any sort of religious tradition - … Continue reading Lent 2017: Facebook Fast

Questions Are Good!

Classically, Christianity has had a reputation as not requiring a lot of thinking, just believe and do as you're told. Any questions you had were written off as doubt and unbelief - therefore sinful.

The Residue of the Divine

A friend of mine told me he was struggling with faith; with belief in God. Why can't He just "write on the wall, 'I am real.'," he asked.

What Is Faith?

I have been thinking a lot about faith lately.What exactly is it? Where do we get it? What do we do with it?Andrew Wommack says that faith is a bridge that enables us to bring what is already in the spiritual realm into the physical realm.The writer of Hebrews defines faith in (what we refer to … Continue reading What Is Faith?

Statements of Un-Faith

I have to say that I am more than a little peeved about all the posts that essentially blame God for all of their problems, but do so under the guise of having faith in Him… “If God brought you to it, He will get you through it.” Clever. But what about the choices you … Continue reading Statements of Un-Faith

Faith in the Midst of Real Life

Going through stuff isn’t fun. And no matter what someone told you to get you to say their “prayer of salvation,” life doesn’t magically get better because of your faith. This morning on the way to work, I was a little too caught up in my troubles (you know, just life stuff), and feeling pretty … Continue reading Faith in the Midst of Real Life

New Co-workers

How do I tell my new co-workers that I am a Christian? Do I need to? I kinda assume that they are going to figure it out without me introducing myself like this: “Hi. My name is Ed. I’m a Christian.” I have never done this, yet all of the people I directly work with … Continue reading New Co-workers

If you believe with every fiber of your being, He becomes as real to you as if you touched His wounds yourself - that’s what faith does; it makes the unseen visible, the untouchable attainable, the impossible unstoppable. What I got while reading John 20:27-29 this morning.

You can’t say, ‘Jesus take the wheel,’ if you’ve got a white-knuckle grip on it. Faith requires letting go.