Christian Life Goals #1

I was reading John 14 today, as I've done countless times before. However, after having just reading a bunch of vile "Christian" declarations on the Internet, I had tears in my eyes. See, I don't read the Bible to reinforce what I've been told it says. I don't read it to find loopholes in what … Continue reading Christian Life Goals #1


Which God?

"Which God? There is but one true God!" How can a statement be both completely true and totally wrong at the same time? What do you do when philosophy and religion collide with rational thought? "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." ~Oscar Wilde I read a Facebook post months (or more) ago by a … Continue reading Which God?

Spark of the Divine

There is something in each and every one of us that was placed there long before conception. Genesis tells us that God formed mankind in His image. The Gospel of John says that everything that was ever made was made in and through the Word (Jesus, not the Bible). I believe we all carry a piece of … Continue reading Spark of the Divine

My God(-Shaped Box)

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, my thoughts drifted toward God. I started to think about how He was my God. My personal God. Then a scene from the show 'Last Man Standing' (which I recently started streaming via Netflix) where the dad in the show was telling his daughter about how … Continue reading My God(-Shaped Box)

An Artist With Dirty Hands

One of my favorite accounts in the Bible is when God made Adam. I see the Father in the dirt, intimately forming His image bearer. There's lots of imagery like this in the Bible... God as a Gardner, for instance. And then, of course, when God became a man and walked among us - it … Continue reading An Artist With Dirty Hands

Eternity is not what happens after you die. Eternity does not start after the “Rapture.” Eternity is a person. Eternity always has been and always will be. When we accept Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice for us, we have Eternity living in us. “Eternal life” is not the same as immortality (living forever), it’s … Continue reading

The truest measure of God’s love is that He loves without measure! Bernard of Clairvaux

Non-Catholic Lenten Sacrifice…?

I have been thinking about Lent today. As a Protestant, Lent is not something that is common for me. Last year I tried to fast for Lent… Like a no-food fast. That was a big, flaming mess. On the sixth day, I was about to go insane - that is if my family would not … Continue reading Non-Catholic Lenten Sacrifice…?

Kiss It, Make It Feel Better

I can be a total idiot sometimes. You know how there’s that one thing that you keep telling yourself: “That was the last time! I will never do that again.” You work hard at it and avoid known triggers for it, but occasionally, like me this morning, you find yourself lamenting over having done it … Continue reading Kiss It, Make It Feel Better

The tests and trials we face are not for us to come out on the other side saying, “Look at what I did with my own strength!” What we go through is meant for us to learn to lean on God and give us the opportunity to tell others how good He is for giving … Continue reading