Servant of All

True love, God's love (agape), is demonstrated through self-sacrificial service... Yet, congregants will leave a church just to go to another where they don't have to do anything, where no one is asking them to pitch in or lend a hand.


I Am A Christian (Taking It Back)

I'm a Christian. I am a Christian. I. Am. A. Christian. It's a simple phrase, but I often have a hard time saying it. At least lately. It was easier to claim to be a Christian when I wasn't even going to church! I guess the thing that I wanted to avoid with using the … Continue reading I Am A Christian (Taking It Back)

Consequences… Are They Missing?

I was talking with a co-worker recently, and he made it quite clear to me that "consequences" are what was missing from the sermons these days. He grew up going to a traditional (Methodist, I believe) church and, apparently, every sermon was full of "Don't do [sin of the week] or you're going to Hell!" That … Continue reading Consequences… Are They Missing?

I Don’t Have All The Answers…

I don’t have all the answers about other people, especially about their bodies and their brain chemistry, but I do know that we need to stop judging, picketing, rioting, and even boycotting and start treating others with love, dignity, and respect regardless of how they are different from us.

Random Thought On Grace

God’s Grace does not enable one to live a lifestyle contrary to His Word, rather it ensures us of His Love for us and empowers us to seek Him which brings forth change in us (for His Glory).

Growing Up…

God’s Grace DOES allow you to be immature, unloving, self-righteous, and even hypocritical… But why would you want that?When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.~1 Corinthians 13:11 NLTSometimes God will completely break addictions or remove all desire for … Continue reading Growing Up…

Grace Analogy

Many people think of God’s Grace much like the grace period they have on their car payment: I have up to a week after I sin before I have to confess it before I get extra penance tacked on. The truth couldn’t be further from this. A more accurate analogy would be that you are struggling to make … Continue reading Grace Analogy

The gospel of grace continues to scandalize. Brennan Manning


I don’t know why, but it always hits me pretty hard during praise and worship when we sing this song that says God lavishes us with His love. So, today, I finally decided to delve into the word lavish a bit. defines lavish (verb) as:to expend or give in great amounts or without limit … Continue reading Lavish…

More About Sin… Really?

I feel like I need to say a little bit more about the effects of Sin in our lives after rereading my previous post, “Is ____ A Sin?” To sum up what I said in that post, Sin (or sinning) is not detrimental to our eternal life but it has potentially severe ramifications in our natural (physical) life. But … Continue reading More About Sin… Really?