Loving Everyone, All The Time (Even Bad Drivers)

Time for some more honesty: I sometimes find it hard to love everyone, all the time. Bad drivers, slow walkers, incompetent shoppers, etc. Seriously, it's the things that seem like they should be the simplest, things that just require common sense. Even with my kids - my daughter refusing to eat at meal times, my … Continue reading Loving Everyone, All The Time (Even Bad Drivers)


Someone Needs To Hear This Today

Paul defines the Kingdom of Heaven as “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Romans 14:17 Whenever you see “Kingdom of Heaven” in scripture, replace it with the above definition… not the word Heaven. For far too long we have been told if you do *this* you cannot go to Heaven, but that … Continue reading Someone Needs To Hear This Today

When Do We “Get” The Holy Spirit?

Last night at our men’s bible study (The King’s Mighty Men) we discussed the Holy Spirit, more specifically, when we receive Him (not it). We looked through the Book of Acts and as we went from the beginning toward the end we saw different “accounts” of how/when the Spirit was received. The Holy Spirit granted … Continue reading When Do We “Get” The Holy Spirit?

Where Is The Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God exists wherever someone submits himself/herself to God as King. John the Baptist (Matthew 3:2) (and later Jesus - Matthew 4:17) said that the Kingdom is “at hand” (close enough to reach out and take hold of), therefore repent (change your mind) - there is no way to submit to anyone’s authority … Continue reading Where Is The Kingdom of God?


Confession: I have to wear “corrective lenses.” These lenses distort the way my eyes actually seeĀ (or perceive) the world around me and affect the way my mind interprets what I am seeing. (Without them everything is a big, blurry mess.) They say hindsight is 20/20 - meaning it is clear, defined, without the “blurry” or … Continue reading 20/20

It’s difficult to expect the same Fruit of the early Church when we value a book they didn’t have more than the Holy Spirit they did have. Bill Johnson