Sell Your Coat, Buy A Sword

In light of what Paul wrote about our “weapons” not being of the flesh (2 Corinthians 10:4), I wonder if, in essence, Jesus was saying to His disciples, “Bless your heart, you’ll figure it out eventually,” when they told Him that they already had two swords (Luke 22:36, 38).


Freely You Have Received; Freely Give

I am able to admit when something in the Bible has me puzzled… Although, it is usually after I get clarification on it. (I could fill volumes with things that I just can’t wrap my mind around.) Anyway, my “ah-ha” moment of the day is found in Matthew 10:8 (NIV)Heal the sick, raise the dead, … Continue reading Freely You Have Received; Freely Give

A Pearl, Discovered

In one of Jesus’ shortest parables about the Kingdom, He speaks of a merchant who was looking for “choice pearls” (Matthew 13:45-46 NLT), and when he “discovered a pearl of great value” he sold all that he had so he could purchase it. This one always eluded me… See, I was always told to not put … Continue reading A Pearl, Discovered