Servant of All

True love, God's love (agape), is demonstrated through self-sacrificial service... Yet, congregants will leave a church just to go to another where they don't have to do anything, where no one is asking them to pitch in or lend a hand.


Are You “The Church”?

I know a guy that doesn't attend "church." He says his time alone in nature is his sanctuary, where he gets his prayer and worship time. I understand what he means, but you cannot become what you are destined to be without becoming a member of the body of Christ, which requires being in relationship … Continue reading Are You “The Church”?

Christian Life Goals #1

I was reading John 14 today, as I've done countless times before. However, after having just reading a bunch of vile "Christian" declarations on the Internet, I had tears in my eyes. See, I don't read the Bible to reinforce what I've been told it says. I don't read it to find loopholes in what … Continue reading Christian Life Goals #1


Drummers are supposed to understand timing - it's kinda what we do. But sometimes, timing doesn't go the way we want. A song may change tempo or there may be a huge timing change between songs in a set. It can be a pain, but so is playing the same time signature and tempo for … Continue reading Timing


We love shortcuts. We love anything that makes other things go faster. We love microwaves and fast food. We love instant pudding, rather pre-made pudding cups. There's nothing we don't like if we can get it or do it faster. That's life in America (or any "first-world" nation, I'd wager). It's often later that we … Continue reading Shortcuts

What If The Church…

What if the church was not a building but a group of people, a family really, who gathered together to work through their issues, learn from each other’s experiences, sing a song or two, pray together, and encourage each other?What if these church members really were ministers (servants) and they took that mentality with them … Continue reading What If The Church…

Altar of Ministry

I have heard and read ministers saying that you must be willing to give up everything, even your wife and kids, for the sake of serving God. I couldn’t disagree more. The bible tells us to be willing to sever connections with friends and family members, if necessary, to have a relationship with Him, but … Continue reading Altar of Ministry

This morning God reminded me of something I heard years ago about the generation we are in wanting now what our parents had to work years for and how we get in a huge amount of debt trying to get it before we can afford it.  Analogous to my ministry aspirations if I’m not careful … Continue reading

I like crowds… when Jesus saw crowds, He got skeptical. Francis Chan