As you already know, if you've read my blog before, I like to relate life events, discussions with coworkers, and even movies I watch to spiritual matters. Today's lesson (for me) has to do with pushing myself, which sounds like a good thing on the surface. I was recently in training for a 5K... I … Continue reading Pushing…


Buttons… We Have ’em, They Push ’em

"They're really pushing my buttons!" Ever say something like that? I know I have. What does it mean? Well, from a programming perspective, it means that a trigger occurred and a predefined script, function, or subroutine was invoked. Umm... Okay... It, in the programming world, means that there is faulty programming, but we tend to … Continue reading Buttons… We Have ’em, They Push ’em

Loving Everyone, All The Time (Even Bad Drivers)

Time for some more honesty: I sometimes find it hard to love everyone, all the time. Bad drivers, slow walkers, incompetent shoppers, etc. Seriously, it's the things that seem like they should be the simplest, things that just require common sense. Even with my kids - my daughter refusing to eat at meal times, my … Continue reading Loving Everyone, All The Time (Even Bad Drivers)

Not That Kind of Messiah

In the Bible, we see God telling King David he can't build the Temple because he was a man of war, and He wanted His Temple to be built by a man of peace (1st Chronicles 22:8). Yet, whenever the Jews thought about the Messiah, they expected a Warrior King to come and liberate them … Continue reading Not That Kind of Messiah

Peace Within, Not Without

There is a lot of concern in our country about the growing persecution of Christians in the Middle-East. ISIS in particular (these days) has taken to beheading those that will not denounce Jesus as Lord. While we know we should pray for them and not condone violence, many (even in the Body) are hoping someone … Continue reading Peace Within, Not Without

Is ___ A Sin?

I hate this question. Not because I feel like I have to justify my faith or anything like that, but because it is usually coming from someone who knows what my answer will be (and often wants to pick a fight). Another scenario is that someone is asking the question to try to find a … Continue reading Is ___ A Sin?