Religious Rituals

I have been seeing "religious rituals" in a different light recently. I follow quite a few people on Twitter who are of a different denomination than I am. I have come to find out that Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox have just as many rituals as Catholics do - and I have come to realize that … Continue reading Religious Rituals


Are You “The Church”?

I know a guy that doesn't attend "church." He says his time alone in nature is his sanctuary, where he gets his prayer and worship time. I understand what he means, but you cannot become what you are destined to be without becoming a member of the body of Christ, which requires being in relationship … Continue reading Are You “The Church”?

Christian Idols

A while back I read an article titled something like The Top Three Idols In The Christian Church (but I can't find it to link to it or quote it). Anyway, the idols discussed in the article were theological differences. Wait. What? Your beliefs are different than mine, therefore they are an idol to you. … Continue reading Christian Idols

Questions Are Good!

Classically, Christianity has had a reputation as not requiring a lot of thinking, just believe and do as you're told. Any questions you had were written off as doubt and unbelief - therefore sinful.

God wants your heart more than your stuff. Just sayin'