The Bible Is Great!

It's hard for some people to hear that, it's even harder for them to say. I daresay that many of the people that read my blog would tend to agree that the Bible is in fact great. Unfortunately, the Bible is one of the most misunderstood books ever written (which is odd considering it is … Continue reading The Bible Is Great!


Jesus v Love?

I was recently challenged by a reader about Jesus not speaking much about love in the Gospels. I thought that was preposterous (and I still do). But Jesus not only spoke of love, He was love in motion. He didn't take a day off; He was loving 24/7. Even in His rebukes to the Pharisees, … Continue reading Jesus v Love?

Faith explores what revelation provides. Bill Johnson

When Do We “Get” The Holy Spirit?

Last night at our men’s bible study (The King’s Mighty Men) we discussed the Holy Spirit, more specifically, when we receive Him (not it). We looked through the Book of Acts and as we went from the beginning toward the end we saw different “accounts” of how/when the Spirit was received. The Holy Spirit granted … Continue reading When Do We “Get” The Holy Spirit?